Also read what is great content Rich content is able to grab the attention of consumers and increase sales in the marketplace. Let’s take a look at what types of rich content are there and what are the rights Read More How To Make Rich Content The marketplace has developed a format template for sellers that has various widgets with parameters. are displayed depends on the settings. You can customize the display format of websites and applications. the content will be loaded quickly and displayed correctly no matter what device the user uses. How the rich content is filled has simple and intuitive controls. The program opens the constructor in your personal account.

Add necessary widgets Remove unused widgets

Click on the Media tab to open the visual editor Product and Price Product List to edit the product. The second option is to use the link to go to Country Email List the site. attention! Drafts are saved for each product when using the constructor from your personal account. Only the latest version is kept when using external sites. In the first case you will be able to use the visual editor directly in the second case. Let’s look at the two methods of adding content in more detail. Adding widgets via the constructor In the constructor you can add and remove blocks by dragging them to the workspace and clicking on the basket image. The preview button shows how your content will be viewed by users when they view and use the application through a browser on the web.

There is a button below to open and close the editor

Country Email List

To edit the content click on the block in the workspace. Possibility to write text and set its parameters color and font, alignment. Add videos from smm论坛 various sources such as and other resources but except. Add a direct link to the image. For this there are two fields that link directly to the image in desktop view and mobile view. You can specify the size of the image and attach its link to your product on the marketplace. The recommended format, . Product cards with take a long time to load. To add content to the card click the Apply button then the Next button and save the product. Add widgets via the sandbox and you’ll see a layout that you can change for mobile, desktop.

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